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Narinder Grewal MD and Team

Dr. Narinder Grewal, MD, is a board-certified pain management physician and expert anesthesiologist. He operates the Advanced Pain Management and Neurology clinic in Valencia, California. The clinic specializes in all aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain and includes evaluation, management, and treatment of complex neurological conditions. For over 20 years, Dr. Grewal has demonstrated unfailing leadership at his clinic and in his professional career.

Dr. Grewal’s Leadership Style

Dr. Grewal has been practicing medicine since 1978, when he completed his doctoral education at the Patiala Government Medical College in his native India. He established the Advanced Pain Management clinic in the early 1990s and proceeded to make it the best of its kind in Southern California. He has a leadership style that is best described as a participative one. Sometimes referred to as the “democratic leadership” style, this method of leadership leverages the input of a team, with the final decision-making responsibility left to the team’s leader.
Dr. Narinder has assembled a team of physicians, physician’s assistants, and nurse practitioners at his Valencia pain management clinic. Each has valuable insights into the diagnosis and treatment of patient conditions. Dr. Grewal uses the collected knowledge and experience of the team to his patients’ advantage; however, as the leader of the clinic, he knows that complex decisions rest on his shoulders. In other leadership styles, the leader may work alone without the input of others. Other leaders may take a far more casual approach in supervising their employees. Dr. Grewal believes that his patients deserve the very best in care at all times, so he allows his team to provide their insights, observations, and diagnostic determinations. For extremely complex cases or unusual medical conditions, his two decades of professional experience and advanced specialty training take over. For Dr. Narinder, the “buck stops with him”. As a democratic leader, he is never alone but is more than capable of providing that last bit of the decision-making process when needed.

Patient Advocacy and Leadership

Throughout his long career in medicine, Dr. Narinder Grewal has been a strong patient advocate. What is patient advocacy? In simple terms, it means involving the patient in his or her own care plan. By advising his patients and getting them involved in the treatment process, he is investing those patients with the power to help themselves. Improved patient outcomes are a primary result of this process. As a patient advocate, Dr. Grewal serves as a leader to his patients as well as his clinical staff. Each understands that they hold the keys to success, both in outstanding patient care and in resolving medical issues. Patients rely on Dr. Grewal for help, and by getting them involved in the process, he leads them toward healthier, happier, more pain-free lives. Patient advocacy is such a large component of his clinical practice that he instills this concept into each person that works for him – from fellow physicians to office staff and technical assistants. Dr. Grewal also shares his advocacy work with other medical professionals at training seminars and continuing education opportunities around the country.
Dr. Narinder S. Grewal is a great leader, not only for his employees but for the many people that receive treatment at his pain management clinic. He knows that an organization is only as strong as its core personnel, and he is able to trust in them to help him make tough decisions that benefit the practice and its patients.

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