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Notable Leadership Conferences of 2017

leadership conferences 2017

Great leaders know that their job is never done. Continually improving the processes and responsibilities of leadership is what helps truly great leaders stand out from the pretenders. One of the greatest ways leaders can learn new skills and develop positive attributes is by attending leadership conferences. Conferences and leadership seminars are designed to allow thought leaders to share their personal stories, share advice, and interact with other leaders in a safe, comfortable environment. By attending these conferences, leaders are able to bring their skills back to the companies for which they work for, helping to improve processes.

Aspiring leaders can also benefit from the networking opportunities leadership conferences present. Not everyone is born as a natural leader, but the skills can be acquired. If one is planning on becoming a leader at his or her company, these conferences can kick-start the leadership process effectively.

There are many such conferences held around the world every year. Here are a few must-attend leadership conferences taking place in 2017.

The Human Gathering: this invitation-only conference takes place in Los Angeles April 6-8, 2017. The conference gathers over 300 of the world’s most influential business leaders and investors. Because of the nature of this conference, much of the speaking lineup is not made public. Attendees can expect three days of intense workshops where they can share ideas, learn new skills, and hone existing skills with their peers.

Leadercast: this event is held on May 5, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia. Leadercast is designed to help leaders take their skills to the next level, providing inspiration and guidance along the way. It is attended by entrepreneurs, business executives, and those who are ready to be reinvigorated in the role of company leader. This year’s speakers include actor/writer Tyler Perry and Daniel Pink, the best-selling author of several influential books on management.

The Strategic Growth Forum: Held in Palm Springs, California from November 15-19, 2017, this four-day event has not yet published a list of speakers or workshops. Attendees from previous years indicate that this is one of the most engaging leadership conferences on the calendar, however, and this year is expected to be no less than excellent. In addition to leadership seminars, the event also includes workshops on entrepreneurship, investor pairings, and awards ceremonies.

World Business Forum: New York City is the host to this annual event, which takes place this year from November 16-17. It brings business leaders and influential industry giants together from all over the world. Speakers on the roster this year include retired Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps, Google’s Abigail Posner, and Stephen Covey celebrated author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Attendees can expect the expansion of knowledge and insightful looks into leadership trends as they mingle with their peers. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Leadership Spotlight: Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump Leadership

Donald J. Trump has had many roles in his long and dazzling career. His initial work as a real estate developer and entrepreneur eventually led to his success as an internationally-known television celebrity and now as the 45th President of the United States. In each of these career milestones, Mr. Trump has exhibited consistent leadership traits that have helped shape his success.

Trump’s Leadership Personality

Donald Trump is known by many people as a very dynamic, forceful personality. He has a “take-charge” attitude and a take-no-prisoners style that some people perceive as arrogance. However, this dynamic personality is actually an important part of his leadership style, one that has propelled him to billions of dollars of worth.
Confidence is the underlying component of that dynamic personality. Donald Trump is brimming with confidence in his abilities and his business acumen. Being confident influences others that depend on his leadership and pushes them to believe in their own abilities. A confident attitude can also influence business relationships; in Mr. Trump’s case, his skill in developing and negotiating complex deals was helped by his confidence that these deals were smart business moves. To watch his confidence in action, watch one of his recent speeches here.

Making Decisions as a Leader

As a leader, Donald Trump has had to make many tough decisions. These have included what projects he wanted to pursue, who he wished to deal with, and how he strives to maximize every business venture. Although he may seem to some as an impulsive character, it has been shown over his years in business that he is rather conservative in his investments and business dealings. As a real estate investor and developer, he often chose “safe” investments that would gain value in a slower fashion than other developments. He also understands that risky investments are a recipe for disaster if stock markets crash, the real estate bubble bursts, or the economy experiences a downswing. His ability to analyze an investment situation and make decisions based on that analysis have brought him incredible success over the years.

Building a Team

He has made another important decision that has influenced his work in the business world and his nascent political career: the decision to build a team. Donald Trump has hand-selected most of the people he has worked with over the years such as managers and advisors. To the outside world, it may seem that he has surrounded himself with “yes men”, but this is simply not the case. Trump chooses business team members that share his vision and are willing to take the steps needed to ensure success. Sometimes, those team members will say “no” and provide valuable insight into why a particular decision needs to be made or scrapped in favor of something else.
Trump’s team-building skill comes from his ability as a character judge. He has a keen ability to detect motivation and drive in people, and those are the ones he selects for his team. The people on his team must be willing and able to work as hard as he does, make the same sorts of decisions, and commit to working together to further Trump’s business empire.

Final Thoughts

As Donald Trump transitions from a business tycoon and celebrity to the political leader of the free world, it will be interesting to see how he applies his previous experiences to the complex demands of the office of the President. Mr. Trump is a natural leader, and this natural ability has already served him well as he guides the federal government. He continues to build a team while making difficult decisions, and most analysts believe that he will serve as an effective leader of the United States.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jim Lacey, Westlake Village Entrepreneur, Leads 'Berry Sleepy' to New Heights

Jim Lacey Westlake Village
James Lacey at Expo West
(Thousand Oaks, CA) -- Noted snack foods expert and business leader Jim Lacey was selected to help superfruits sleep aid company Berry Sleepy achieve new levels of success. Jim is the Managing Partner behind Healthy Ventures, LLC, a company that specializes in helping companies develop new products and new markets. With the Healthy Ventures team coming onboard at Berry Sleepy, industry analysts predict that the company’s sleep aid products will soon reach market dominance in their category.
Berry Sleepy was founded by Greg Doring and Tim Prier, and is headquartered in Prairie Village, Kansas. The pair established the company because they were seeking safe ways of getting some sleep while juggling the demands of work and home life with small children. They know the amount of experience Jim has in the consumer packaged goods industry and saw him as the perfect fit for their company plans. Jim served as the President and CEO of Crunchies Food Company in Westlake Village, California, guiding the company from a small office operation to an industry powerhouse within a decade. Prior to that, he worked with some of the biggest health supplements and consumer products companies in the world. Powerbar, Nestle S.A., Weider Nutrition International, and Gillette are some of a few of the companies Jim has helped over his long career. He has become known in the consumer goods industry for his innovative sales and marketing strategies and his exhaustive knowledge of market conditions. Spotting trends and moving to capitalize on them has proven to be a powerful tool for Jim, especially in the competitive snack foods industry. He has provided expert leadership and seen tremendous growth during his time with Crunchies and with the Snack It Forward company in the greater Los Angeles, California area.
With Jim’s help, the Berry Sleepy duo is moving toward an aggressive growth and expansion phase. The company’s line of products is slated to see further developments as well. Already, new products like the Berry Awake Fruit Energy Shot is eating into markets previously dominated by more established energy drink players. Berry Sleep Veg Caps are a popular choice with customers, and that company stalwart now comes in several package sizes for convenience. A two-serving blister pack of the Veg Caps is a new offering for the firm. Joining the existing products are the Berry Sleep Shots. Each is packed with five grams of probiotics and are available in strawberry and mixed berry flavors.  

James is looking forward to working with the Berry Sleepy team. He believes in the company and its products and wants to see it reach new levels of success. Jim knows that the science behind the company’s products is sound, representing a safer alternative to other sleep aids on the market. By combining the power of superfoods, probiotics, and natural vegetable proteins in their products, the Berry Sleepy company has a bright future with consumers around the globe.
To learn more about Jim, please visit

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