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Leadership Spotlight: Bill Gates

William Henry “Bill” Gates III is an internationally-known business leader, philanthropist, and innovator. He is the co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation, the world’s largest software manufacturer for personal computers.

Starting from humble origins, Bill grew Microsoft into a global force, and is now worth an estimated $86 billion, making him the wealthiest person in the world. Bill has held that distinction off and on for the past twenty years. Bill’s Leadership Style Like many of today’s great leaders, Bill Gates is known for his transformational style. In the transformational leadership style, there are several attributes that distinguish it from other styles. These include:

Being able to put together a strong teamIdentifying something that needs to changeCreating a vision for that change from thought to realityLeveraging the power of the team to bring ideas to life For Bill Gates, Microsoft was the culmination of his love of computing. He was able to “see the writing on the wall” …

Profiles in Leadership: Sebastian Guthery - Businessman and Entrepreneur

From an early age, entrepreneur and business leader Sebastian Guthery demonstrated a natural leadership talent. His work launching several lucrative business ventures is a testament to this leadership; without solid foundations of personal drive and the ability to look to the future, Sebastian would not have achieved the success he enjoys today.

Sebastian resides in San Diego, California, where he is involved with business management and advocacy work on a daily basis. He has launched several new ventures in 2017 alone, including a luxury car rental firm and an investment operation.
Sebastian’s Leadership StylesLike many of today’s most influential leaders, Sebastian does not adhere to one leadership style; rather, his flexibility and experience in business is the product of blending several different styles. Each of these styles complements the others.

Primarily, Sebastian is best known as a transformational leader (such as Elon Musk). In the transformational style, a leader is able…

Profiles in Leadership: Yor Health CEO Dennis Wong

Dennis Wong is an internationally-known business leader, entrepreneur, and purveyor of healthy lifestyle products. Dennis founded YOR Health in Irvine, California, in response to his own failing health. Now, the company enjoys worldwide market penetration and success, thanks to Dennis’ expert leadership. The Leadership Styles of Dennis WongDennis Wong embodies two of the most important leadership styles: transformational and inspirational. These blended styles have helped shape the business ventures and success that Dennis has worked so hard for since founding YOR Health. In order to understand his blossoming into a transformational leader, it is important to learn a bit about his story before establishing YOR Health. After immigrating to the United States as a child, Dennis and his family struggled to make ends meet. Despite overcoming some of those challenges, enrolling in college and completing a degree in electrical engineering, Dennis continued to seek direction in his life. By a …

Profiles in Leadership: Joseph Davis, Morgan Hill Philanthropist

Inventor and business leader Joseph E. Davis has enjoyed a long career filled with triumphs. From establishing technology companies to developing innovative products, he has demonstrated a keen leadership ability over the past 35+ years. Joe Davis lives and works in Morgan Hill, California, where he continues to consult with technology firms on matters of patents and patent infringements. Leadership TraitsJoe Davis epitomizes two of the most common leadership styles: transformational and inspirational. Over his career in the technology industry, he has been awarded over 35 U.S. and foreign patents in a number of specialized fields. Each patent came from identifying a problem, then developing a solution to overcome that problem. This is the key characteristic of transformational leadership – the process of discovering, then overcoming a challenge. In Joe’s career, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the technology sector, such as Seagate, Maxtor, ISS Sperry-Univac, Atari, and…

Profiles in Leadership: EZ-Level Cabinet Leveling System

In this week's Profiles in Leadership, we cover the very unique Brooks Barrington Courtney, the CEO & Founder of the transformational cabinet leveling system EZ-Level.

Brooks & his company are no strangers to leadership. The company and its products have revolutionized the home improvement industry by identifying problems, then developing elegant solutions to conquer those problems. The company quickly became known in the remodeling industry as a transformational leader as a result.’s leadership extends to their popular YouTube channel, which boasts thousands of subscribers and over two million views. The channel serves as a guiding light to do-it-yourselfers and professional home improvement contractors alike.

Additionally, EZ-Level's Founder Brooks Courtney put together a beautifully simple instructional video series to help you install cabinets yourself.
EZ-Level’s YouTube Leadership
Creating video content is a great way for a company to let the world know …

Leadership in History: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Born in 1890, Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States and a celebrated Army General who helped mastermind the Western Front offensives of World War II. Despite his incredible achievements as a leader, he was known for remaining humble. He came from simple origins and returned to his roots at retirement. Mr. Eisenhower passed away in 1969, leaving a legacy of truly great leadership. It goes without saying that Dwight Eisenhower was one of the greatest American leaders of all time. As the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe during WWII, he was responsible for several major offensives, including the invasion of North Africa, the invasion and liberation of France from Axis forces, and the Western Front invasion of Germany. Later, his leadership as our nation’s President was a time of prosperity and achievement. In addition to supporting civil rights movements, he authorized the creation of NASA and kicked off the “space race”. Eisenhower’s Leadership Trait…

Profiles in Leadership: Sonya Dudley

Sonya Dudley is an internationally‐recognized motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and leader. She is a Diamond Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, managing a team of over 30,000 members scattered throughout the United States and into New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Sonya’s many talents are apparent in her speaking engagements. She has a natural leadership ability and an engaging personality, both of which work together to inspire and motivate people. Sonya believes in leading by example. In just five years, she has grown her Plexus team by helping others achieve their potential. 
Sonya’s Leadership Style Sonya Dudley does not fit into a neat leadership category. Rather, she combines elements of many leadership styles into her approach – styles like transformational, inspirational, autocratic, and democratic, just to name a few. Over her years as a sales professional and entrepreneur, she has discovered that flexibility is the key to continued success. 

As a transformational leader, Son…

Leadership Spotlight: Vladimir Putin

As the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin has been somewhat of a controversial leader. Born in 1952, Mr. Putin has served as both President and Prime Minister of Russia. During his second term as Prime Minister of the Federation, he also served as the Chairman of the United Russia Party.

Mr. Putin studied law at the Saint Petersburg State University. Following graduation from law school, he joined the KGB, the Soviet Union’s intelligence organization. He worked as a foreign intelligence officer for sixteen years, eventually rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. His first work in the political theater came when he was chosen as part of President Boris Yeltsin’s administration, eventually becoming Acting President when Yeltsin resigned in 1999. Under Putin’s leadership, the Russian Federation has grown not only in economic prowess, but as one of the primary world leaders.
Vladimir Putin’s Leadership Style Vladimir Putin has a leadership style that is autocratic. Th…