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Geoff Thompson - Synergistic Life CEO - Profiles in Leadership

Geoff Thompson Portrait
Geoffrey Thompson is a financial services professional and entrepreneur with decades of experience in investment strategies, business startups, and retirement planning. He is the founder and CEO of Synergistic Life Services, a wealth advisory firm that helps clients with a wide range of financial services. His passion for business is backed by leadership traits that have set him apart from his peers in the investment management industry. He embodies the attributes that make him a true leader and one who is highly sought-after for guidance and insight.

Geoff’s Leadership Traits

There are many types of leader and just as many traits that signify leadership. Geoff’s leadership is a blend of several unique styles, each complementing the other. This blended leadership style has propelled him to incredible levels of success over the course of his career and have shaped the direction of his business ventures and his personal achievements.

The first leadership trait is one of transformational leadership. A transformational leader is a person who is able to identify a common problem, then develop solutions to overcome that problem – in effect, completing a transformation. In Geoff’s case, he identified a need for comprehensive financial planning services, especially those that center on retirement strategies and wealth preservation. Geoff’s own experiences in the financial sector prepared him to help others achieve financial freedom. By taking his own experiences to heart, he has identified a particular need – here, the need for retirement strategies that build and preserve wealth for future generations – and created a system by which his clients could achieve their own financial goals. With the development of proprietary financial products known as Horizon X and Horizon V, he has empowered his clients to manage their current investments while directing investment assets into tax-advantaged environments. He has transformed the lives and financial statuses of thousands of individuals, helping them to prepare for the future when they are no longer working.

Inspirational leadership is another trait that Geoff has used to great effect over the course of his career. An inspirational leader is one who is able to develop a team that believes in the same goals. He has inspired others with his financial expertise and a natural passion for creativity in the financial sector. At Synergistic Life Services, he has created a powerful team – going beyond retirement planning professionals to create an entirely new class of expert: the financial architect. A financial architect combines planning, strategizing, and guidance to help clients make informed decisions about their financial needs, both now and well into the future. Geoff is adept at inspiring others; his team was hand-picked for their commitment to service excellence as well as in innovative wealth management skills. When creating Synergistic Life Services, Geoff understood that too few people had a firm grasp on financial planning with retirement in mind. With his guidance and his expertise in building strong teams, he has been able to forge meaningful, long-term relationships with thousands of clients.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Geoff’s leadership extends past his work in the financial planning field. He excels in identifying new opportunities, then leveraging his talents to capitalize on emerging markets. He has founded two prominent businesses in the commercial medical cannabis industry. In 2014, he launched Advantameds Solutions, a company that establishes strategic partnerships with commercial distribution and cultivation operations in the U.S. and Canada. His next venture was Doyen Elements International, Inc., helping other medical cannabis operations navigate the complex regulatory and infrastructure environments they face with financial and investment guidance and industry best practices. Here, as in all of his business operations, Geoff approaches every challenge with passion, growing businesses from the ground up with his leadership. He continues to seek out new opportunities, transforming industries and inspiring others to achieve new levels of success. Be sure to connect on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter to stay updated with ventures.

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Sebastian Guthery - Businessman and Entrepreneur - Profiles in Leadership

Sebastian Guthery makes a monkey friend in Thailand

From an early age, entrepreneur and business leader Sebastian Guthery demonstrated a natural leadership talent. His work launching several lucrative business ventures is a testament to this leadership; without solid foundations of personal drive and the ability to look to the future, Sebastian would not have achieved the success he enjoys today.

Sebastian resides in San Diego, California, where he is involved with business management and advocacy work on a daily basis. He has launched several new ventures in 2017 alone, including a luxury car rental firm and an investment operation.

Sebastian’s Leadership Styles

Like many of today’s most influential leaders, Sebastian does not adhere to one leadership style; rather, his flexibility and experience in business is the product of blending several different styles. Each of these styles complements the others.

Primarily, Sebastian is best known as a transformational leader (such as Elon Musk). In the transformational style, a leader is able to identify a problem or something that needs to be changed. Then, he or she develops a solution to that problem, implements the change, and inspires others to complete the transformation.

In Sebastian’s case, he identified that the ethnobotanical retail industry was under attack from government regulators. As someone with over a decade of experience in the botanicals retail market, he knew that many misconceptions surrounded the use, importation, and safety of a number of natural herbal product from Southeast Asia.

Working closely with a small group of like-minded individuals, he not only shaped the future of his own business but created a powerful lobbying group in the process. In this way, he transformed the ethnobotanical industry, showing business owners and regulators the need to have a unified lobbying voice.

Inspirational leadership is another one of Sebastian’s key leadership traits. In this style, a leader brings together a group to work on a common goal. The leader is able to inspire others by getting them invested in the process, whether it is a new business venture, a process improvement, or a humanitarian cause.

Throughout his business career, Sebastian has been able to work with a wide range of people with different interests and goals. Through his ability to inspire others, he has been incredibly successful in getting others on board with his ideas, resulting in the launch and growth of several multi-million dollar business ventures.

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Autocratic vs. Democratic Leadership

Sebastian’s leadership traits take many forms. As illustrated above, he has demonstrated expertise in both transformational and inspirational leadership styles. In each of these styles, and in many other leadership roles, the concept of autocratic vs. democratic leadership bears scrutiny.

A democratic leader is one who seeks out the insights and experiences of others before making decisions. Some of the greatest leaders of our time used this technique to ensure that the decisions being made were in the best interests of the company or organization.

An autocratic leader, on the other hand, is one who may listen to others but is ultimately responsible for the decisions being made.

Sebastian has demonstrated skill in both of these styles. In launching several of his ventures over the years, he has had to work closely with others, gaining their insights and making informed decisions based on the feedback he was receiving.

At the same time, many tough decisions required him to forge ahead on his own. Sebastian knows that failure is potentially part of any business venture; being afraid to fail is simply not in his leadership DNA. When called upon to do so, Sebastian makes difficult, but smart, decisions that affect his company, his business future, and the future of the industries in which he works.

Sebastian embodies what it means to be a leader in today’s business world. By remaining flexible, looking to the future, and making smart decisions, he has positioned himself for continued success in years to come.

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YOR Health's Dennis Wong - Profiles in Leadership

Dennis Wong is an internationally-known business leader, entrepreneur, and purveyor of healthy lifestyle products. Dennis founded YOR Health in Irvine, California, in response to his own failing health. By taking charge of his own life, Dennis created a bright future for himself and for thousands of others around the globe. Today, the California-based company enjoys worldwide market penetration and success, thanks to Dennis’ expert leadership.

The Leadership Styles of Dennis Wong
Dennis Wong embodies two of the most important leadership styles: transformational and inspirational. Some of the greatest leaders of our time have combined styles to great success, helping to shepherd organizations toward incredible achievements. These blended leadership styles have guided and shaped the business ventures and entrepreneurial successes that Dennis has worked so hard for since founding YOR Health. 
In order to understand his blossoming into a transformational leader, it is important to learn a bit about his story before establishing YOR Health. After immigrating to the United States as a child, Dennis and his family struggled to make ends meet. His early life was devoid of creature comforts, and the future looked grim, not only for himself but for his loved ones. Despite overcoming some of the challenges he and his family faced, such as enrolling in college and completing a degree in electrical engineering, Dennis lacked a sense of direction in his life. He sought to make positive steps towards personal success, but had little guidance initially. By a stroke of luck, Dennis and his sister met a group of businessmen who would go on to mentor the pair. In just a few years and with the steady education and guidance of their mentors, the brother-and-sister team had made a small fortune in real estate and later in an Internet technology firm. Unfortunately, the long hours of work and personal demands took a toll on Dennis. Dennis had neglected his health on his way toward his early successes in business, and at the age of 40 was diagnosed with heart disease. Once he had spoken with his physician, he knew it was time for fundamental changes to his health and lifestyle – in essence, taking the reins of his life in hand and creating a new direction for himself. 
Dennis Wong 2014 Yor Health Conference
Dennis has always been open to learning from others. His natural curiosity and friendly disposition have led him to meet new people wherever he goes. When he met one of the cofounders of a nutritional supplements manufacturer and learned about the natural supplements industry, the seeds of change were sown. It is here that Dennis first exhibited his abilities as a leader. A transformational leader is characterized by the ability to identify a common problem, then develop a solution to overcome that problem, thereby completing a transformation. In personal life or in business ventures, transforming something with an elegant solution is the hallmark of a true leader. YOR Health was the solution to the health problems plaguing people around the world, Dennis included. In fact, the company and its products served as the transformation for Dennis. In a very short time, he was healthier than ever before. Then, his natural leadership abilities took over and he began to transform others. Under his guidance, the company continues to develop innovative health and nutritional products that allow people to take charge of their own health. Dennis continues to share his story and his success with others, allowing them to create transformations in their own lives
In a similar vein, Dennis Wong is known for inspirational leadership. At the company he has built from the ground up, he has assembled a worldwide team of sales people, product developers, and YOR Health Promoters. Dennis’ passion for clean, natural living inspires others in the team as they formulate nutritional supplements and healthful products for the company. From humble beginnings, the company now enjoys a robust market share on a global scale. Inspirational leadership is critical for a forward-thinking business venture. Investing a work team with goals, then tackling the challenges as they present themselves, is part of the formula for success that Dennis has used throughout his professional business career. Whether it is his leadership as an up-and-coming real estate mogul, his extensive and lucrative work in specialty Internet technology services, or his ever-growing nutritional empire, Dennis Wong and his leadership have proven time and again to be invaluable.
As a leader, Dennis remains humble. He credits good fortune and hard work as keys to his success. Although he can qualify as a self-made success story, he shares his origin story with others in the hopes that they, too, may overcome the challenges they face as they reach for improved health and financial success. Dennis continues to seek out new challenges in his own life and to create inspiration in others by giving people the tools to make positive changes in their lives, business interests, and personal interaction with others. 

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Joseph Davis, Morgan Hill Philanthropist - Profiles In Leadership

Joe Davis Morgan Hill Philanthropy photo
Davis Standing With His Mobile Shower/Laundry Facility

Inventor and business leader Joseph E. Davis has enjoyed a long career filled with triumphs. From establishing technology companies to developing innovative products, he has demonstrated a keen leadership ability over the past 35+ years.

Davis lives and works in Morgan Hill, California, where he continues to consult with technology firms on matters of patents and patent infringements.

Leadership Traits

Joe Davis epitomizes two of the most common leadership styles: transformational and inspirational. Over his career in the technology industry, he has been awarded over 35 U.S. and foreign patents in a number of specialized fields.

Each patent came from identifying a problem, then developing a solution to overcome that problem. This is the key characteristic of transformational leadership – the process of discovering, then overcoming a challenge.
In Joe’s career, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the technology sector, such as Seagate, Maxtor, ISS Sperry-Univac, Atari, and SyQuest. Throughout his professional life, he has brought together teams that were able to create lasting solutions to everyday tech issues.

In 1999, Joe was responsible for co-founding Capella Photonics, Inc., a company that would eventually be sold to Alcatel-Lucent. He served as the company’s CEO and later as its Chairman before retiring in 2008. Although the company’s operations were sold, Capella retains the intellectual properties he co-developed during his tenure there.
Of particular interest in Joe’s impressive collection of patents is a wavelength-selective switch designed to increase Internet throughput speeds. This enabled online streaming video for the first time. Joe was co-inventor of this innovative technology.

He and his team anticipated the rise of streaming online video services, then set out to create an elegant solution that would facilitate streaming in a way that benefitted the end user dramatically.
Prior to his work with Capella Photonics, Joe was the co-founder of Quinta Corporation. Working as the company’s Vice President of Product Development, he put together a team that tackled data storage issues.

The result was a multi-disk storage device that combined the best aspects of magnetic and optical storage technologies. Joe’s leadership, combined with his ability to inspire others, was instrumental in developing this technology. Quinta was sold to data storage giant Seagate in 1997.

What Does it Take to be a Leader?

Joe’s career in the digital technology sector is one of innovation and problem-solving expertise. He knows, however, that coming up with new products and systems is only part of the equation. Being able to guide a team toward success takes a strong leader, and Joe has demonstrated that quality time and again. In each of his roles as a product developer, inventor, and business executive, he has created an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation.

Each member of his teams understood what needed to be addressed and carefully laid out the foundation to solve problems. Joe has an ability to inspire others around him; this ability has served him well, and each company he has worked with has been able to achieve unheard-of success.

Joe Davis' leadership extends far beyond his professional career. Since 2014, he has worked closely with charitable organizations in the Morgan Hill and Santa Clarita County regions of California. In addition to his hard work on behalf of the homeless, he has been a tireless advocate for homeless rights and safety concerns.

With his help, several government and non-profit organizations have established safe parking areas and legal campgrounds for homeless individuals and their families. He continues to provide his leadership and his expertise in solving problems, both for humanitarian efforts as well as further advances in technology.

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EZ-Level Cabinet Leveling System - Profiles in Leadership

ez-level cabinet leveler banner

In this week's Profiles in Leadership, we cover the very unique Brooks Barrington Courtney, the CEO & Founder of the transformational cabinet leveling system EZ-Level.

Brooks & his company are no strangers to leadership. The company and its products have revolutionized the home improvement industry by identifying problems, then developing elegant solutions to conquer those problems. The company quickly became known in the remodeling industry as a transformational leader as a result.’s leadership extends to their popular YouTube channel, which boasts thousands of subscribers and over two million views. The channel serves as a guiding light to do-it-yourselfers and professional home improvement contractors alike.

Additionally, EZ-Level's Founder Brooks Courtney put together a beautifully simple instructional video series to help you install cabinets yourself.

EZ-Level’s YouTube Leadership

Creating video content is a great way for a company to let the world know about its products and services. Many companies take advantage of video sharing services like YouTube to reach a global audience. EZ-Level itself launched its YouTube channel in 2009 and quickly gained prominence, both on the video sharing platform as well as in the home improvement industry. 

What makes this channel a leader? In simple terms, the channel empowers others. No matter what industry or business, a good leader excels at sharing information with others. This sharing can be with coworkers, subordinates, or customers. By creating insightful videos, the EZ-Level company had two goals in mind: to demonstrate the effectiveness of their revolutionary cabinet-leveling system and to give viewers a complete understanding of the processes and installation involved. This is empowerment at its very essence; customers of the company not only have the very best system for installing cabinetry but now they are able to follow step-by-step instructions on the best ways to implement those systems. 

A Look at the Channel and Video Guide

On its YouTube channel, EZ-Level focuses on several aspects of cabinet installation. First, they approached video content development by identifying common problems contractors and DIYers faced when hanging cabinets in kitchens and baths. Next, they set out to offer video-based guides. Starting with base cabinets and moving to wall cabinets, islands, and countertops, the channel’s videos give customers the information they need to hang cabinets perfectly. Each video gives step-by-step instructions and gives viewers tips and tricks for success. Finally, the company created videos that showcase the strength and ease of use of the leveling system

Although the EZ-Level cabinet leveling system is the premier system, the company also thought its channel viewers needed to see its advantages as compared to traditional cabinet hanging methods. Several of the videos on the channel illustrate such leveling products as shims and leg levelers – both methods in common use in the home improvement industry. A great leader identifies issues with current solutions, then creates something better. This is exactly what the company has done here. The videos show how traditional cabinet hanging methods are fraught with problems and how their innovative leveling system alleviates those problems. 

Continuing Industry Leadership

EZ-Level is not content to rest on its laurels. The company continues to develop tools and methods to help others with home improvement projects. YouTube is an important part of the company’s commitment to sharing knowledge with others, a critical component of the role of a leader. 

As the company adds new videos to its channel, it serves as a tremendous information resource for professional contractors and homeowners. And, the proof is in the numbers: The EZ-Level Cabinet Leveling System has an incredible 4.9/5 star rating on ekomi, with hundreds of satisfied customers.  

EZ-Level Cabinet Levelers
Brooks Barrington Courtney, Pres.
5519 Garrison Ave
North Port, Florida 34291
800-726-5550 (toll free main)
866-284-3321 (toll free fax)

941-284-6849 (local)

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